Orzly Pro-Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Explained


At  Orzly, we understand that a phone screen needs protecting just as much as the rest of your phone and that is why we are committed to developing effective screen protection solutions. In fact, Orzly began its journey as a brand known for Tempered Glass Screen Protectors and we’ve continued to innovate and develop new screen protection solutions that work with ever-evolving smartphone designs & features.

Curved Glass Screens

One of the most common trends to have evolved from the latest smartphones are curved screens as manufacturers try to design handsets with striking & contemporary high-end finishes. However, this has made the process of manufacturing screen protectors for these phones, extremely challenging. Depending on the severity of the curve, screen protectors can be made to be slightly smaller than the overall screen to allow the screen guard to at a minimum, cover the flat portion of the screen. In some instances, this proves to be sufficient protection, especially when used together with a case, such as with iPhone 6 handsets.

However, some phones have such a large portion of the phone’s body as curved that a smaller screen guard will cover an extremely limited area and this will not only look wrong but may also prove to be an ineffective solution. Examples of such phones are the HTC 10 and the OnePlus 3. When making traditional transparent glass screen protectors for these phones, the finished product would be smaller than the actual display portion of the screen and actually impair your view of your phone screen as seen in the pictures below. Making them any larger than this would result in either trapped pockets of air or air bubbles, forming underneath the screen protector, or a white halo effect forming around the edges of the screen protector which would eventually also trap dust and debris underneath it and look unattractive.

The Orzly Solution to Curved Glass Screen Protectors

Therefore we had to try and develop another solution for glass screen protectors for handsets such as the OnePlus 3, and this is where the Orzly Pro-Fit Screen Protector evolved from. Essentially the Orzly Pro-Fit Screen Protector is just a traditional glass sheet that has a plastic PET sheet added on to it in order to achieve a full cover screen protector for a curved phone. This plastic sheet serves two purposes. Firstly, it can have a silk print colour finish to it so that it can seamlessly match the bezel of your handset and give it an invisible or barely there effect. Second and more important, is that it is this printed area of the screen protector where the adhesive is applied in order to ensure that the rigid sheet can fit over the curved surface area. So unlike traditional glass screen protectors, you will not find any adhesive on the entire product, but just on the areas which are printed in colour. This does not affect installation or the product staying on your product. There is enough glue in the right places to keep the screen protector firmly in place if installed with care and aligned perfectly.

The other feature of the Pro-Fit 2.5D Glass Screen Protectors is that the base sheet has a pattern of small inconspicuous dots over the clear or transparent panel on the screen protector. The dot matrix grid is actually a technology that has been used previously on car windscreens and is essential to the product working properly and prevents the screen protector from sticking to your phone screen. This may seem counter-intuitive and you may think that a screen protector should, in fact, stick down on your screen. However once again going back to your phone having a curved design, it is not possible for a rigid sheet of glass to fluidly follow the curves of the phone and therefore if the entire surface area of the screen protector was to stick to your phone, then either the screen protector would crack from being bent too far or it would simply not install properly and leave air bubbles. The functionality of the grid of dots is explained further in the diagram, but please rest assured that these dots will not hinder your view in any way. Should you find that you can see the dots in brighter light, then simply increase the brightness setting on your phone and the dots will once again fade away from view. The Orzly Pro-Fit Glass Screen Protector is installed in the same way as traditional glass screen protectors with the phone screen needing to be cleaned thoroughly before installing the product, and the screen protector is aligned perfectly to the phone before pressing down on it. Should it be installed correctly then you will find it gives you no problems with lifting, rainbow effects or touch screen navigation of your phone. For more information on installing the screen protector, please refer to the instruction sheet included in the box or look for any Orzly Pro-Fit videos on YouTube such as the one below.

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