Top 10 Nintendo Party Games Countdown!

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Top 10 Party Games for Nintendo Switch

Here’s a countdown of our favourite multiplayer couch co-op games after many hours of ‘extensive testing’. Our chosen Nintendo Switch party games are jam-packed with explosive mini-games that are fun for everyone! Pair with the Orzly Ultimate Party Pack to really get the most out of your explosive party games. 

Mario Party


Mario Party features a tonne of imaginative and competitive mini-games which make for some frustratingly funny moments. It’s a fantastic multiplayer game that will have everyone laughing and shouting at the TV while Mario and friends attempt to achieve awkward tasks before the competition. Pick from a great selection of Nintendo characters and tactically make your way through one of four game boards while sabotaging one another. Also includes stand-alone party and rhythm games for a quick win that gets everyone together.  

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Kirby Star Allies


Kirby Star Allies is a whimsical puzzle platformer where you can mix, match, and combine abilities with up to four allies who can drop in and play any time. To avoid hand cramps from the tiny Nintendo Switch JoyCon we recommend pairing this game with the Party Pack four included Grips–perfect for this four-player game. Work together to solve puzzles and tackle colourful bosses while tearing through vibrant levels in the wondrous beat ‘em up main campaign. Or check out some of the party modes for tactical boss battles and mini-games that bring everyone together. 

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 Mario Tennis Acces


Mario Tennis Aces is a fantastic competitive sports game with plenty of room for tactical play with trick shots, special moves, and time slowing action. Play as your favourite Nintendo characters in a traditional tennis game with an arcade twist. Combine the Orzly Tennis Rackets with the motion-controlled ‘swing mode’ for a more authentic tennis match with friends. For added laughs, we recommend using the enlarged tennis ball–available in the Swing Mode’s game settings. Play on wondrously fantastical tennis courts like piranha plant Forrest or the high seas battleship and challenge your friends to a match of singles or doubles tennis...with a Nintendo twist!

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7 | JUST DANCE 2020

Just Dance 2020 is a colourful and stylish game which is bursting with party vibes. Pair with the Orzly Ultimate Party Pack’s ArmBands for added safety and keep your hands free. Our ArmBands are fully adjustable so the youngsters can try out the easier kid’s routines too. Just Dance 2020 offers a full-body workout to a library full of fantastic top hit tunes, with even more songs available as extras. The routines are complex but achievable making for some hilarious moments with up to six players. 

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Jack box is a collection of snarky party games which players can interact with using a smartphone or tablet device. In this rendition of the game, there are five available mini-games: YOU DON’T NOW JACK, Fibbage XL, Drawful, Word Spud, and Lie Swatter. If you enjoy Cards Against Humanity chances are you’ll love Jack Box too! It’s rude, exciting, and great fun with friends. The 5 mini-games are super easy to learn but require a razor-sharp wit to master.

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Towerfall Ascension



Towerfall Ascension is a simple but exhilarating multiplayer battle royale influenced by a classic retro arcade style. Pair with the Orzly Party Pack JoyCon grips for better functionality of the SL and SR buttons to bob and weave your way to victory while collecting power ups and shooting your very limited supply of arrows. Towerfall is the kind of game that results in lots of flailing and shouting with tense edge of your seat action. Play a deathmatch vs your friends or go through the campaign together; unlocking treasures and battling frantic and ferocious boss battles. This game is super easy to pick up and play but challenging to master! 

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Rocket League



Rocket League is a unique and complex game that redefines the genre of what sports games can be. It’s a perfect meld of two awesome things: cars and football. We recommend using the Orzly Party Pack’s JoyCon grips for this game, so you can keep a firm hold of your controller during those sweaty edge of your seat moments. Even if you don’t like football Rocket League is a wonderfully exciting and competitive game which is satisfying to play. Hone your abilities and summersault, barrel roll, and bicycle kick the ricocheting ball into the goal to the delight of your teammates. Play local co-op 1v1, 2v2, or if you have a second Nintendo Switch connect up for 4v4. Rocket League offers hours of fun and features tonnes of unlockable and tradable cosmetic items with a plethora of awesome cars to choose from. It’s so easy for anyone to pick up and play but takes a lot of dedication to hone those trick shots. 

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Overcooked 2020



Overcooked 2 is a delightful family-friendly cooking game at its core. However it quickly devolves into a frantic dash and shouting match as the kitchen timer ticks down. For better control pair this game with the Orzly Ultimate Party Pack Grips. The prominent shoulder buttons are sure to help during your mad dash to serve that last bowl of soup! Work together with your fellow cooks and co-ordinate as the kitchen splits and shifts apart. Flexibly collaborate on chopping the lettuce and frying the burgers while someone else put out those pesky kitchen fires! This is a game that will always end with a dramatic sigh as the timer reaches 0!   

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate



With up to eight players joining the fray this party is sure to be a smash! For an added edge to your punch pair your JoyCon with the Ultimate Party Pack Grips for a much needed ergonomic and comfortable gamepad, especially for long play sessions. Super Smash Bros is wonderfully easy to pick up and play, all you need to do is punch your opponent off the stage before they send you flying! But there’s plenty of complex special moves so you can really hone your style of play. The game starts with eight characters but has 74 to unlock and even more to download. Super Smash Bros Ultimate also features 103 stages with a mode that morphs the stage as you battle–to better experience the massive pool of arenas available. Appreciate the incredible music selection which features songs from fan favourites like Animal Crossing. With so many game characters available and more incoming, the game has something for everyone while being very easy to pick up and play. 

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe



It’s not a Nintendo Switch Party without Mario Kart. Use the Orzly Steering Wheels for an extra layer of authenticity and excitement to your go-karting! Or pair with the JoyCon Grips for a comfortable gamepad and prominent SL & SR buttons for smooth drifting. This game is whimsically themed which is contrasted with a fast pace and edge of your seat action. Race to the finish line as your favourite Nintendo character while knocking out the competition to win trophies and unlock more characters and karts.  Challenge your friends and sabotage them with blue shells, hearts, and even ghosts! Beat them to the finish line in a thrilling tournament mode or put their dexterity to the test in one of the many mini-games available. 

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Make the most out of your Nintendo Switch Party with the Orzly Party Pack Bundle available now! 


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    Great list, plan on getting a few family games for the holidays

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