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Mario Day
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If you grew up in the eighties or nineties, you’ll definitely know who Mario is. What you may not know is that today is officially World Mario Day! Mario day started as a grassroots gathering for massive Mario fans but is now officially recognised and celebrated by Nintendo every March 10th. 

This pudgy little plumber was birthed by Shigeru Miyamoto, and first appeared in Donkey Kong in 1981. Since then he’s featured in more than 200 video games. Despite his hectic appearance schedule, and the dangerous line of work he’s engaged in (rescuing princesses ain’t easy), he still looks great for 38 years old. Sure, he could do with losing the love handles, but that complexion is perfection!

Whether you’re donning your favourite Mario costume, dusting off the NES for a bit of nostalgia or firing up the Switch for a hardcore modern Mario sesh, we hope you enjoy yourself. 

The Orzly Office’s Top 5 Mario Games

It was a tough decision. Arguments ensued. Blood was spilt. But, the Orzly office has drawn up a list of some of our favourite Mario games:

[1] Mario Bros for the NES.
[2] Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii.
[3] Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64.
[4] Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube.
[5] Super Mario Party for the Switch.

Are we wrong about our top 5?
What’s your favourite #MarioMoment?
How are you going to celebrate Mario Day?

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Are you still reading?

If you picked up a new Mario game in Nintendo's official Mario sale, and are looking for some complimentary loot, you're in the right place. We'd better not waste any more time chatting. Because you haven’t got long.

Click the link below and celebrate Mario Day with these amazing deals! They're only around for the rest of the day, don’t ponder for too long!


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