Summer Switch Guide 2019

Summer Switch Guide 2019

Get ready for your summer travels with our top 5 picks for Nintendo Switch travel accessories!

Summer is almost here and whether you’re getting ready for a mountainous expedition or just drowning out the clamour of a long commute, here are our 2019 summer travel essentials for your Nintendo Switch! 
(In no particular order) 


1. Anker Powercore 20100

Anker Powercore 20100

A handy, pocket-sized battery pack to extend your play time on long journeys or camping trips. 

A reliable and sturdy battery pack boasting 2.7 Nintendo Switch charges. Extending 3 hours of gameplay to just under 9 hours! No need to stop when the battery gets low—Faster USB-C charging means your Switch won’t discharge even while playing games. The Anker Powercore also comes with its very own travel case, handy for protecting it from the elements of travel. Remember, it’s not just the Nintendo Switch it charges, use it with your phone, laptop, and tablet! 

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2. Orzly Premium Tempered Glass

An Amazon bestseller and must-have protection from everyday scratching, bumping, and oily fingerprints.   

Manufactured from a high-quality chemically treated glass, with oil-repellent properties, ensuring your device is able to withstand: scratches, dust, and fingerprint smudges from everyday travel. Thanks to its thin, lightweight design the Orzly screen protector doesn’t interfere with the console dock or touch-screen accuracy. Its crystal clear transparency ensures screen clarity whilst being fully protected against the elements of travel. 

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3. SanDisk Nintendo MicroSD

Increase your Nintendo Switch’s storage capacity up to eight-fold, whilst retaining a smooth gaming experience. 

Fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch and provides ample space for; games, software updates, DLC, screenshots, and captured videos. No more deleting precious games off your library and never worry about losing a game cartridge again. SanDisk offers a variety of storage sizes in 64gb, 128gb or 256gb, all of which come with a high transfer rate for a jitter-free, smooth gaming experience.

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4. Sennheiser Headphones CV 300-II Precision 

Excellent sound quality, noise dampening and great portability. 

Sennheiser boasts high-quality, dynamic speaker systems for a powerful bass-driven stereo sound, perfect for those epic boss fights. Immerse yourself fully in your game, whilst drowning out the droning of reality with an excellent ear canal fit. The additional carry case is perfect for keeping spare earbuds and offers a safe compartment to store and protect your headphones.

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5. Orzly Travel Case

Nintendo Switch Case by OrzlyAnd finally, with over a thousand five star reviews and labelled as ‘Amazon’s Choice’ it has to be the Orzly Travel Case. A sleek design made for your Nintendo Switch’s protection and your convenience. 

The Orzly Travel Case features a hard EVA protective shell, and a soft interior to guard against scratches. Two elastic bands fasten the console securely in place, protecting it from the commotion of travel. Whilst a secure pocket provides ample space to keep your spare Joy Cons, headphones, and cables altogether. Utilising the case handle means your Nintendo Switch doesn’t take up precious space in your travel bag. its strong shell and ample storage space make the Orzly Travel Case a definitive must-have for long, turbulent journeys.

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Have your own top 5 favourite Nintendo Switch accessories? Leave a comment below! 


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