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Welcome to our Nexus 6 protection hub.

Here you'll find plenty of information as well as videos that explain how our cases are designed to compliment and protect your Nexus 6.



Made from a durable fully transparent polycarbonate material for superior protection that is designed to be Slim, and at the same time keeps all features of your phone fully visible even whilst protected. Easy to slip on and take off, yet Fits Snugly to your device.
Compatible with ALL models of NEXUS 6 SmartPhone.


Fusion Bumper Case.

Manufactured from a combination of polycarbonate and toughened polyurethane, the Fusion Bumper Case protects the back and sides of your phone from accidental bumps, drops, scrapes and day-to-day wear & tear. The tough plastic crystal clear rear will save your device from accidents without affecting the visibility of your device whilst the rubber edging will not only protect against impacts, but also make the case easy to fit, with cut outs for ports and bumpers for button access.



The lightweight, super slim way to protect your device from every day wear and tear, the protective FlexiCase is a secure and convenient way in which to carry your handset with minimal affect on weight or bulk. Whilst the material is flexible enough to make fitting around your phone extremely simple, we have specifically designed it to be hardwearing and durable so that it offers extra protection for your phone against bumps & knocks. Its non-slip texture helps to maintain a comfortable, soft grip when holding and ultimately helps to prevent drops.


Multifunctional Wallet Case.

The Multi-Functional Wallet Case from Orzly is designed to protect your device and also doubles up as a wallet with credit card and money slots. The case also features an integrated stand feature allowing you to make the most of the screen on your device to watch movies, play games, browse the internet and type messages.


Tempered Glass.

Made from a special reinforced processed glass, Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are designed and built to withstand any external damage and scratches. The back of each screen is covered with a strong silicon adhesive for easy installation and prevention of any gaps between your device and the screen protector, this ensures the touch sensitivity of your screen is not affected.



Allow the ultra thin design of the device to shine through in our Ultra-thin flexible case. The device is protected by a toughened, flexible and extremely thin (0.24mm) layer of protection, this allows the user experience to remain virtually the same when using device whilst protecting the frame from bumps and scratches.



With a soft grip back and subtle curves, the ExecArmour case strikes a slim profile that’s light and comfortable for work or play.
Featuring rubberised sidewalls for enhanced protection from drops, shocks, and bumps, the ExecArmour case also offers an improved grip to keep your Nexus 6 safe in your hands. A thicker hardshell provides better overall protection while still maintaining the slim profile of device.


Carbon-Fiber Case.

Made from a durable fully transparent polycarbonate material for superior protection and layered with a subtle 3D pattern that adds an element of modern design and style. With tight cut outs and subtle curves, this tough and patterned crystal case is the ideal accessory to make protection for your device completely invisible in both the user experience and the look to your device.


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