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Orzly Product Images Guide

There are 6 main Orzly product lines. FlexiCase, Fusion Bumper Case, Multi-Functional Wallet Case, FlexiSlim, Glass Screen Protectors and the InvisiCase. For the majority of handsets released, these products will be available.

Orzly FlexiCase


The FlexiCase is made from a soft and flexible TPU, designed to add a layer of protection to your mobile device without the added bulk. The FlexiCase features a glossy, non-slip texture, making it not only look great on your device but also help prevent any accidental slippages from your hand.

FlexiCases are available in a variety of colours; all of them will have what we call a smoke design. This means once the case is on your phone, you’ll still see design elements of the handset such as the logo or symbols. Many consumers want to still show off their handsets so with the FlexiCase, the design of the phone is protected but not hidden.



Orzly Fusion Bumper Case


The Orzly Fusion Bumper Case is case made up of two different materials. Around the edge there is a toughened polyurethane rim and on the back, a polycarbonate crystal.

The Fusion case is designed to give protection to your mobile device as well as show off the design of the back of your mobile device.



Orzly Multi-Functional Wallet Case

Multi-Functional Wallet

The Orzly Multi-Functional Wallet case is designed to not only protect your mobile device but also double up as a wallet to hold your most used credit or debit cards. The case also folds onto itself to create an integrated stand perfect for watching videos and using the screen to type and use mobile apps.



Orzly FlexiSlim


The Orzly FlexiSlim is the thinnest case in the Orzly range. It is designed to add virtually no bulk to your device and help to maintain the design sleekness of your handset. The case is also has a smoke design which means the design of the handset shines through.



Orzly InvisiCase


The Orzly InvisiCase is designed to add an invisible layer of protection to your device without taking anything away from the design. The InvisiCase is made from a 100% crystal clear polycarbonate. It has properties that are both tough but also lightweight and bulk free. Helping to maintain the design and sleekness of your handset.



Orzly Glass Screen Protector

Glass Screen Protector

The Orzly Glass Screen Protector is one of the most popular products in the Orzly range. It is known for it’s superior strength in protecting against knocks, scratches, fingerprints and smudges.


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