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Is your product genuine?

Orzly tackle the issue of counterfeit goods

Orzly products are available from various online websites and retail shops. Orzly is fast becoming a popular name in the mobile phone accessories industry. Our products are a combination of style, functionality and affordability. This is what our customers should always receive when they order an Orzly accessory.

What are counterfeit goods?

Counterfeit goods, involves products being passed off as originals which are actually fake.

How Can you help us?

If you have received a product that you feel could be a fake, please contact us using the contact form on the support page. In doing this you not only help us to close in on those who seek to diminish our reputation, but you protect others who may have been victims of this illegal practice.

Things to look out for

All our products are delivered in Orzly branded packaging. If the case or accessory you have received did not come in Orzly packaging. This could be a counterfeit product.

If you have ordered a case from the Internet and have received a case that was different in both looks and functionality, this also could be a result of a counterfeit accessory.

In either of the above cases, please do not hesitate to contact us. The information needed from you, will be what product has been purchased and where it was brought from.

Original Orzly Packaging...Is Yours?

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